About me

Got a "wouldn't it be cool if..." attitude.

Hi there! I am currently a UX designer at Code and Theory in New York City. Before that, I was a journalist and made a career switch through General Assembly's UX bootcamp.

I like designing interactions, sketching user flows, and dabbling in visual design and code. There are so many ways — big or small — for design to improve our lives, and I want to uncover those opportunities.

Feel free to reach out! I'm always willing to chat.

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Design Philosophy

My approach to design and life.

Be aware. Come out of my own head and see the world from different perspectives.

Make the words and pixels count. Don’t over-design or over-write.

Learn new things to tackle a problem. Read, experiment, talk to humans.

Ask for feedback and test ideas with users. I don’t always know the answer.


Always building, testing, editing.

Get In Touch

Send me jobs, design inspiration, or cat videos. I like getting coffee, too.